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  • guest_1425 : "Let's Act!" - Creative Drama Classes :West Allis/West Milwaukee Rec. Dept. - - 9/25,10/2,10/9,10/16,10/23.
  • K.Mohr : Divine Mercy Sch. - July19:Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : COA - Aug 23:Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : Jubilee Christian Pre - School&Daycare - July18: Pocket Lady Around the World
  • K.Mohr : Parks Edge Preschool,Hales Corners - "Xmas in July":Mrs.Santa
  • K.Mohr : Laborfest - Sept.3:Pocket Lady 12:30 - 4:30
  • K.Mohr : St.Francis Children's Center 50th Anniversary Picnic and Celebration - July 21 - Pocket Lady(1:00) 6700 N. Pt. Washington Rd:Food,Carnival Games (fee for both).
  • K.Mohr : Family Day at Summerfest - 7/5/18: Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : 76th St. Kindercare - July 25: Mother Goose
  • K.Mohr : Irish Fest - Aug 18th,19th:Mamo Keera at the Children's Tea Room

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SEPT: Labor Day, Natl. Grandparent's Day (Pocket Lady ), Johnny Appleseed Day (Johnny Appleseed)

OCT: Natl. Apple Mo. (Johnny Appleseed), Halloween/Fall (Wanda the Wise "Sand"witch), World Food Day (Pocket Lady, Mr.McGregor), Intergeneration Day (Pocket Lady)

NOV: American Education Week (School Marm), Thanksgiving (Pocket Lady)

DEC: Boston Tea Party-12/16/1773 (Betsy Ross), Christmas/Holidays Around the World (Mrs.Santa, Pocket Lady)

JAN: First Winter Olympics (Pocket Lady Sports), "Winter Wonderland" (creative drama session on all things Winter!)

FEB: Black History Mo. (Pocket Lady), Children's Dental Health Mo. (Tooth Fairy), Responsible Pet Owner's Mo. (Barbara Woofhouse)

MAR: Dr. Seuss-March 2nd (Pocket Lady), St. Patrick's Day (Irish Leprechaun, Eileen O'Rourke), Women's History Mo. (Pocket Lady), Spring/Easter (Pocket Lady, Mother Goose)

APR: Earth Day (Pocket Lady), Week of the Young Child (Mother Goose, Pocket Lady, etc.), Revolutionary War Begins-1775 (Betsy Ross), William Shakespeare's Birthday-26th/Poetry (Pocket Lady), Natl. Library Wk.-8-14th (Pocket Lady)

MAY: Mother Goose Day!-1st (Mother Goose), Natl. Children's Book Week-Apr.30-6th (Pocket Lady or...?), Mother's Day (Pocket Lady)

JUNE: Flag Day-14th (Betsy Ross, Pocket Lady), Natl. Insect Wk.-   18-24 (Carla the Friendly Cockroach), Father's Day (Pocket Lady)

JULY: Independence Day/4th of July (Betsy Ross, Pocket Lady)

AUG: Hawaii State Day-1959 (Honey Loa-Hawaiian Dancer)

--  Dates are for 2018.--