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  • guest_1425 : "Let's Act!" - Creative Drama Classes :West Allis/West Milwaukee Rec. Dept. - - 9/25,10/2,10/9,10/16,10/23.
  • K.Mohr : Divine Mercy Sch. - July19:Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : COA - Aug 23:Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : Jubilee Christian Pre - School&Daycare - July18: Pocket Lady Around the World
  • K.Mohr : Parks Edge Preschool,Hales Corners - "Xmas in July":Mrs.Santa
  • K.Mohr : Laborfest - Sept.3:Pocket Lady 12:30 - 4:30
  • K.Mohr : St.Francis Children's Center 50th Anniversary Picnic and Celebration - July 21 - Pocket Lady(1:00) 6700 N. Pt. Washington Rd:Food,Carnival Games (fee for both).
  • K.Mohr : Family Day at Summerfest - 7/5/18: Pocket Lady
  • K.Mohr : 76th St. Kindercare - July 25: Mother Goose
  • K.Mohr : Irish Fest - Aug 18th,19th:Mamo Keera at the Children's Tea Room

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MRS. UPEARLY: Is a turn-of-the century (1900s) professional KNOCKER-UPPER. Her duty is to wake up the factory and mill workers, as no one had alarm clocks. She takes her long pole and scratches on her client's window until he wakes up, per his desired time. For this effort she is paid a whopping 6 pence a week!

She may not be much to look at, but MRS. UPEARLY gets the job done!  (Witty and snappy fun for adults! She'll work the crowd!)